Raghava KK's Venus combines the many facets of the artist's multifarious style: his illustrator-origin is apparent through animated rendering and the flat backdrop; painterly aspects can be found when considering the heavy bright impasto and traditional oil painting clippings that form the collage elements; and Venus herself is borrowed from Botticelli's famous painting Venus. However, the complexity of the work is not limited to two dimensionality: Raghava KK's original Venus is a participatory piece where viewers are asked to wear an EEG headset that measure brain waves. In turn, the brain waves trigger the undressing of the figure and the animation overall, including her body transforming into a bird-holding cage and Venus’s corresponding cartoonish facial expressions.

The edition available through s[edition] is the artist's proof of Venus, where Raghava wore the EEG headset himself and recorded the resulting changes to the work. It is a time-locked moment of perception captured in the form of a beautiful and simultaneously humorous colourful animation. The product is a thought captured as a memory that can be revisited forever. In the words of the artist: "If technology is not a metaphor of memory, then what is it?"

Raghava worked together with a composer, a programmer, and an animator to create Venus. The artist lives and works in New York.

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Venusby K.K. Raghava

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