Ke Jyun Wu is a media artist based in Taiwan, specializing in the hyper-realistic type of art. Ke's works always focus on producing interdisciplinary experiences. Residing at the crossroads of art, design, and technology, his works pursue anything that meshes virtuality and reality, emphasising the quality of rendering, the smoothness of interaction, and even the choice of music, among others.

The works of Ke have been exhibited in numerous countries, such as the U.S., South Korea, Russia, China, and Taiwan.


2022 Reference PPP Space, Taipei
2021 Collab Art Moment NFT Audi City Moscow, Russia
2021 Incarnated Ghosts Lee & Lee gallery, Los Angeles
2020 Biological Clock Shanghai
2020 Taipei Photo Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei
2019 Xpring into Zendō Pauley Ballroom, San Francisco
2019 Ceek VR Online Perform Miami
2019 Yearly Screening Programme TODTOWN, Shanghai
2017 meta Group Exhibition Taipei
2015 Le' exhibition of NCTU Taipei