KIYA KIM is an interdisciplinary Artist, Object herself, A little bit a Writer or Word Player, Image Collector, and Contemplator. Raised in South Korea and Based in New York City since 2008, Her work evolves through a dialogue between sensational inner muses and outer phenomena. The urban setting predominating throughout her life path opened her eyes to myriad material fabrications. Her multi-faceted works take the form of rhythmic site-specific installation, ethereal video, juxtaposed assemblage, whimsical jewelry, interactive performance, and, festive fashion-based sculpture. As an attitude of contemplation, I am mesmerized in the materialistic atmosphere. There are particular visual scene, sound or music, a psychological reaction in the space which boosts my creative circuit. Inspiration was derived from the remnants of childhood, daily moment, and chronological life paths. Metropolitan environments provide me with seeing glamourous objects and materials. Entire Implications merged on synthetic practice in the conviviality. Then it is distilled to my multifaceted interpretations throughout Mixed media, Site-specific installation, Self-representation: object – myself, Fashion assemblage, Interactive performance, Video, and, Poetry in the interdisciplinary approach. Scattered ambiguous emotions are conceived assemblage as composed confectionary colors and no edged structures. The moment I’m aware, transforming materials into the unspeakable complicated emotions.