KJ Williams was born in 1961 outside of Boston, MA. She studied art most of her life. She started sketching animals as a young child. She majored in art in high school and college. She studied at The Art Institute of Boston. While living in Boston, she would visit The Boston Museum of Art frequently, while taking many art classes of mixed media. In 1993 she moved to New Hampshire following a car accident which left her in pain most of the time. Over the next twenty years, she continued to work on her art, concentrating on ink drawings. During that time, she also published short stories and poems. In 2014, she devoted more time working on her art. She sketched many portraits, and worked on many surreal paintings expressing her pain, and passions. In 2016, she became part of a research project about art and pain. She contributed two works to the gallery. Her work can be seen as part of the "PainExhibit". Currently, she is concentrating and emerging as an abstract painter.