Kollinger Szabolcs


Living and Lifeless

In his 2016 photographic work, Living and Lifeless, Kollinger Szabolcs brings together three elements: a young human girl, a piece of fruit, and the artist with his bionic arm. Framed together in an intimate moment of interaction, the beings; two completely carbon-based, one with a non-living augmentation, share and impact on the same space. The artist says of the work: “I am a living man, but my arm is a lifeless thing. A half-alive and half-dead thing gives fruit to a child.” The work reflects on the possibility of technology integrated as part of the body to enable the artist, born without arms or legs, to care for and nourish a child.

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Living and Lifelessby Kollinger Szabolcs
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Living and Lifeless
Kollinger Szabolcs
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May 20, 2018
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