Kollinger Szabolcs

Kollinger Szabolcs (b. 1991, Hungary) was born without arms and legs and learned to paint and draw with his mouth before taking up photography, with a particular interest in macro-photography. He has recently received bionic arms after running a crowdfunding campaign and selling his artworks. Szabolcs’ shortlisted artwork for FutureFest focuses on the impact the artist’s new limbs have had on his life and practice, as well as on the ways in which technology can impact on our lives in intimate and nuanced ways. As well as making and exhibiting painting and photography the artist runs a blog and is a dedicated vlogger. His online fan base supported the fundraising for his new limbs. He has exhibited his works in Tahitótfalu in 2015, and won a Google video award in 2015 for his vlog. Kollinger Szabolcs lives and works in Tahitótfalu.