Award winning visual artist and film director Kye Wilson (b.1976, Portsmouth, UK) uses moving image to create films and video installations that explore space, self and other, challenging notions of absence and presence, live and mediated, and real versus simulated. A signature characteristic of his art is the embodiment of (him) self through technology - typically a video representation in the form of a female character or performer. This ambiguous, screen projected image enables audiences to engage with the identities of Wilson and the protagonist, acting as a “digital mirror” allowing the viewer to bring their own self and experience to the works. Kye Wilson’s achievements include graduating with an MA Fine Art with distinction from the University of Portsmouth in 2011, and receiving awards and commissions from Arts Council England, Festival of Video Art Kinolevchyk, Hayward Gallery and Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts (MADATAC). Wilson has shown work in the UK and internationally.