Lénie Blue

j’habite de l’autre côté de la rive là où l’eau claire et gélive est bonne à boire
'When I was young, even before being able to read, I would look at View-Master images and even though I couldn’t yet understand the captions, I saw in these images, a world that was more real than real life. The stereoscope presented me with a mixture of my own affects or emotions, and stereotyped representations—photographic ones—stemming from both reality and from my imagination.' Finally, the question of 'viewpoint' is never anything more than a political question. ♦ www.lenieblue.com ♦ Last screenings: 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece (#digitalpop), 19 - 22 May 2016; 'The Recombinants' online exhibition curated by Madja Edelstein-Gomez, 2017; featured in the Average Art 19 magazine, march 2018 (Liverpool, UK).