Leonardo Solaas

Buenos Aires
Leonardo Solaas is a self-taught programmer, designer and new-media artist who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His works spans many forms of creative coding, including data visualization, interface design, generative systems, social networks and mobile games. He is concerned with various topics at the boundary between science and art, such as self-organizing systems, rule-based processes, artificial life and knowledge representation. As an artist, he has been awarded the IBM Media Art Award and the Premio Mamba - Fundación Telefónica. He has also received production grants by Medialab Prado, Fundación Telefónica, Turbulence.org, and the Readme 100 Software Art Festival. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including Plus Code (Argentina), Espacio Enter International Festival (Spain), Extranjerías (Argentina and Mexico), FILE 2008 (Brasil), Designmai 07 (Germany), Interface & Society (Norway), Impakt Festival (Holland), OFFF International Festival (Spain), Transmediale 06 (Germany), International Media Art Award (Germany), 5ta Bienal do Mercosul (Brazil), etc. His past work can be seen at his personal site, http://solaas.com.ar