Leopold van de Ven

Leopold van de Ven's practice is based on showing and rediscovering space. Applying a building-from-parts methodology, he creates mixed-media work using materials such as wood, cardboard, photography and papier-maché that result in sculptures, collages and spatial settings. His work makes visible the architectural and structural surroundings of our everyday environment through his process of reconstruction. Leopold brings together found materials independent of their previous use to layer and conjoin them with new meaning. He has lived in France and in New York City 2014. Leopold is an alumni of the 2012 Triangle Artists' Workshop in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Recent recidences and exhibitions are Art Gouda recidency and exhibition, Gouda Netherlands 2016, INSITE-OUT, DUMBO New York 2014 exhibition, Triangle Arts Association artist-in-residence for 6 month, New York 2014 The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark 2013