Biding My Time

As you move through the world you leave traces of your path. Your presence produces a wake of activity that is most often slight and barely significant, but sometimes you do something and it causes a stir, and the world around you shifts and realigns to adapt, even as you yourself — intertwined as you are with the world — adapt to what is changing around you.

This short film encodes both the dynamic stability of calm, and the sudden injections of growth that ground and realign the calm, as a play of sharply organic forms. The colours represent the passions, the darknesses, and the lights of ourselves as we move through the world. - text by Damian Stewart

This exclusive artwork by LIA is a complimentary work offered to all those who buy a book by Alisha Fernandez Miranda called My What If Year, available globally via Amazon . In addition, it has also been gifted to every owner of LIA's previous artworks on Sedition.

Not for sale

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