Since 2007, Mikkael Doczekalski has been living and working in Paris under the pseudonym, Graphset. Graphset's work spans a broad spectrum of digital arts, including 3D printing, experimental animation, installations, and electronic sculpture.

The richness of Graphset's productions is deeply rooted in his unusual academic and professional journey. Originally trained in automated systems techniques, his first professional immersion was in the realm of industrial robotics. This background established a unique graphic logic and workflow which were later repurposed into a creative methodology when he joined the fine arts school of Cergy in 2002.

Driven by a passion for technical innovation, Graphset has embarked on a series of artistic ventures that probe the concept of digitality and its effect on our connection with the world. He has delved into our understanding of reality, questioning the thin boundary between the virtual and real universes. This exploration expanded to encompass comprehensive research projects integrating science and technology, with the aim of comprehending and predicting the implications of impending technological revolutions - from alterations in our production systems to the expansion into virtual territories.

In order to independently realize the majority of these projects, Graphset makes full use of the boundless resources offered by the Internet, continuously learning diverse techniques to fulfill his artistic visions: 3D modeling and rendering, 3D animation, 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, mechanics, programming, and more.

The variegated nature of Graphset's work might initially seem perplexing, yet each new creation adds a piece to an encompassing dialogue: the steady and certain transition towards the digitization of bodies, minds, and territories.

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