AI Brain Color EP1

Human emotions, in the digital age, are questioned by machine programmes.
AI Brain Color is a three-part collection from Liao Yibai. Based on the artist’s own interpretation of artificial intelligence, it is investigating the programme and the emotion.

Yibai used a computer to design his first digital sculpture of an AI brain. It comes from another world or another dimension of space. It looks cold and lifeless, but it changes constantly in the virtual world like any other brain does in real life. In the film, the brain wave moves all the time like an object or a creature. The movement is partly controlled by the AI itself, while the other part is controlled by a random value in the AI. The randomness is usually assumed as it belongs to the humans with our emotional factors. Human life becomes more poetic with emotions and random values. Then how will it work for AI?

The film shows the stunning aesthetics of the cold, metallic sculptures with emotions. This randomness makes the virtual world so beautiful. In the AI Brain Color EP1, EP2 and EP3, with tranquillizing music having the rhythm of spring, and the digital life is growing, flourishing, escaping, reclusive and reborn.

“Different from traditional methods of sculpture creation, each 3D model in the film is programmed and coded by computer software, and then, it is being made into a physical sculpture with various metals. I try to use my language as a sculptor combined with a computer programming language to explore the dimension of the world where human beings are living, which of course includes both the virtual world and the real world” - Liao Yibai

Music:Bleeding Fields created by Muted


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