Blooming is based on Yibai’s oil painting images picturing the humanistic landscape of the Hudson River Valley in New York, which he completed from 2015 to 2019. Using computer programming, the artist stages a motion graphic feast for the naked eye. Blooming shows Yibai’s fascination with the influence of data on human life as well as his exploration of the new domain of artistic expression with computer programming.

In today’s era of big data, if an artist makes a splash, a bloom, he or she will leave a trace in big data. Data is life. Only data can be immortal. Data illustrates and backs up the course of life and memories, forever and the next lifetime will be engraved in the cloud of data. Therefore, the elements in Blooming are endlessly fluctuating. The original painting is changed into pixels, data and spreads into the virtual space.

The artist explains the realisation of his imagination in the work as "my reflections and examinations on the traditions, detached from a longing of the multitude.” and “reaching the verge of necessary transformation.” In Yibai’s perspective, art is originally a very personal thing. It is a personal experience of mumbling to himself and turning his life to experience the creative process. Of course, all expressions are in artistic forms and in a personal language of wisdom. The artist’s language is mixed with computer programming languages, leveraging together and shouting in his digital art world.

Music: FallEquinox by The Bows

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