Blue Mountain c2s2 F009

This is one frame from Liao Yibai’s animation art film Blue Mountain. The artwork is part of the artist's wider collection Coding Emotions. This is frame number 9 of 1000 frames from Gallery Blue Mountain, and c2s2 means this still image is from camera 2, shot 2.

The emotions in the virtual world are actually strings of program coding. After the hard disk is formatted, code strings meet its end. The emotions disappear. The art in this virtual world shows digital emotions and scenes that cannot be seen in the real world. As a result, some human beings are obsessed and captivated by the virtual world, while others experience epiphanies.

Different from traditional art media such as sculpture and painting, digital media has entered the human body and mind, the boundary between reality and unreality has begun to blur, and the emotions in the mysterious brain are disassembled, reorganized, and recalculated; the unpredictable emotions that humans have are imitated by computer programs with random attributes in the code strings, and various possibilities are calculated. The program codes are getting closer and closer to truly replicate human emotions.

The value of the new media language of art films is acutely and affectionately presented at this very moment. Of course, it is also the most popular and acceptable art language of our time; the value of digital new media art will eventually be coded in history, step by step for sure.


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