Cross the Virtual World

Ever look up at the night sky and let your mind wander amongst the vast sea of stars as time tick-tocks by? Ever intrigued by how humans use the constellations to study the connection between us and the universe? Liao Yibai uses his own unique art language, combined with computer language, tries to understand this relationship and the beauty that transcends into. Gemini is the first work from the experiment. With computers and animation softwares, seeing sculpture in motion becomes possible. In this work, the sculpture of Gemini characters travel through different time and space, shown in exhibition halls. With Animation motion construction, and show the physical beauty of the sculpture framework. This is the beauty of computer algorithms that are completely different from the traditional way of artistic creation, and it belongs to the era of virtual reality.

In this work, Liao Yibai built virtual art galleries, exhibition halls, and a virtual model of Manhattan, a variety of natural environment, at the same time, let the Gemini sculpture roam freely through the different virtual space, shape shifting in the virtual galleries, at the same time it also become the heaviest piece in my rendering data. It took an entire three month from beginning to finish rendering. Then after repeated attempts at editing and music synthesis, this exciting work was completed.

Music: Paragon created by Kyle Preston.


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