Gemini Color

The work Colors of Gemini is a visual feast of animation performed by Liao Yibai with computer programming language. Although it is not perfect, all the first expressions of innovation, passion and deepest feelings are raw, for minds and hearts to feel the courage.

In this work, Liao Yibai openly talks about virtuality and reality. "In the virtual world, there is virtual virtuality and virtual reality; After the calculation of days and nights, one cloud falls in love with another cloud.” Since the development of computers, the Internet and mobile phones, we have found ourselves increasingly absorbed into the virtual world. The line between virtuality and reality is blurring? What is the percentage? Am I talking to a computer or a real life person? We often ask. For what we see, the colors, the sceneries, for what we feel, the love, the hate, for the world which we live in, are they virtuality, or are they reality. Liao Yibai uses the work "Gemini Color" to show his understanding and appreciation of colors across the virtual and real world. In the tranquilizing music, Colorful Gemini sculptures freely travel through time and space.

Music: Windrifts created by Norvik.

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