Hieroglyphic Bird c3s1 F0563

This is one frame from Liao Yibai’s animation art film Hieroglyphic Bird. The artwork is part of the artist's wider collection Coding Emotions. This is frame number 563 of 1000 frames and c3s1 means this still image is from camera 3, shot 1.

Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? This is the core of the conversation Liao Yibai wishes to start with his viewers. The design of virtual life objects determines their fate, so are we, Humans, not a group of life objects designed? “When I design the life of a bird or an ant in the software, I wonder, are we living in the animation software designed by others?"

The conceptual design in the "Three-dimensional Chinese Calligraphy" created by Liao Yibai based on Chinese hieroglyphs is two months in the making. “The data heavy, complex animation consumed almost all of my computer's computing power,” said Liao Yibai.

His new sculptures from deformation animation programming, only exist in his virtual world, and the virtual world is the survival space from another dimension, gradually occupying more of our time. “Now I began to understand how time is transformed by space."

Like the ancient hieroglyphs, can be written on rocks, and our life can exist in the dimensions of time and space. It can be a specific material, or a photoelectric signal. If souls and memories can be stored on cloud backup, then humans will live and exist in a computer algorithm.

Music: The Gathering created by Will Van De Crommert.


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