Idealistic Dust

Detachment from reality can be the most beautiful thing.

Randomly, take a moment to wander around.
10T data is wiped out and the hard disk is empty;
A painting turns to dust,
That journey, why can't it be calm and spectacular?

Humans need to have emotions, but machines cannot,
But sometimes, through calculations,
Machines appear to have a temper.

It’s not about the difference calmness and impulsiveness brings
Machines too, can drive people to madness
You can pulprise machines during moments of chaos
What remains there, but still that icy cold world.

How can there be no place for emotions,
For that emotions are what drives all things on earth?
Detach, from reality, once in a while
Be the dust of an idealist,
Even if is only an second,
For that second, there were only twenty-four frames on the screen.

In that world, without reality,
Hearts can be cleansed and purified,
Any language is needless,
All hard drives will stop,
No calculation, no contention, no compromise, no quarrel.

At the most ideal, quietest, and most expansive second,
I have a chance,
To be an idealistic dust.

- Poem by Liao Yibai.

Music: A Serious Matter created by Marco Martini.

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