Ocean Spectrum

“When I am drifting into my dream world, I myself often pixelated between the real self and the virtual self, and when I am awake, I find myself at sea between the real virtual self and my alter ego in reality.”

Liao Yibai says he has always been in love with digital ocean water.
“What an exciting work it would be to transpose ocean water programming with a painting or a sculpture”.

So, boldly, the artist applied digital programming to transform one of his oil paintings and a piece of his sculpture work. He put them on a "real" display in the virtual gallery.

In comparison to the language of traditional paintings on canvas or hard stainless steel sculptures, computer language provides various possibilities for creating new artistic language and greatly reduces the time and material costs. The algorithmic advantages allow the artist to achieve the impossible in traditional art techniques and thousands of different design schemes can be calculated overnight. This gives the artist the freedom to choose the most desirable pieces based on his artistry. With his programming of ocean water, Yibai turns a static painting and a solid sculpture into a flowing work of art. This sea lingers between the real and the virtual, traversing ups and downs, and never stops.

Music: Otherworldy by RomanP

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