Refraction of Dream

Refraction of Dreams by Liao Yibai delves into the concept that humans are comprised of intricate particle systems, hidden from our view due to the limitations of conventional mirrors, which merely reflect our external appearances. The artist contemplates the existence of a mirror that could reveal our inner selves, enabling us to perceive our multidimensional nature.

"I believe that humans are constructed of multiple particle systems, but we just can't see ourselves because optical mirrors can only show us our external appearance. What kind of mirror could allow us to see ourselves on a deeper level, in different dimensions?
If humans had not learned how to use electricity, we would still be living in the dark. However, electricity has always existed, just like WiFi signals and 5G signals, but we did not know how to utilize them thousands of years ago. So, what other mysterious force fields have we not yet discovered? They all exist around us, but we may not know about them yet.
This short film explores objects in space, even virtual ones, that seem to float and drift like they appear in dreams. I am trying to find many ways to see myself from different dimensions and time spaces.
Three boxes, like incubators, continuously "incubate" new life, starting from a single particle, crossing and wandering... Maybe dreams are not really dreams, but just a reflection of a certain point in time, taking us into another speed, allowing us to see our past and future in another mirror."

Music by Ziv Moran - Long Strokes Artlist


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