Sansan Fission

Sansan Fission is a pivotal artwork within the Sansan's Digital Saga collection by Liao Yibai. Delving into the core essence of digital animation, this piece showcases Sansan as a vessel that facilitates an array of evolving shapes and forms. Coupled with iconic shots of floating objects, this artwork solidifies the distinction of digital animation. By presenting humanity through an innovative lens, envisioning intricate graphic systems, and unraveling human memory, Yibai prompts viewers to contemplate the potential of immortality through the vast expanse of consciousness.

This video uses the same numerical algorithm to explore the "animation" of digital animation, but this time it is trying to split the object itself. The character "Sansan" is just a carrier. I used them to experiment and create a set of continuously changing forms. At the same time, I added many shots of objects hovering, which is unique to digital animation.

It is precisely because of these language characteristics that other art forms cannot have, digital animation has become a unique genre, constructing a brand new visual and auditory experience world. Just like the film projector and phonograph invented by humans more than a hundred years ago, they found an effective method to record the past and derived an independent film language. Today's digital animation is also making such innovations, perhaps helping humans find ways to demonstrate the future, or re-examining themselves, seeing humans as a particle system of a graph, a circle of force field structures, separating human memory modules from the body, and thus achieving eternal life through the means of consciousness. - Liao Yibai

Music by life-must-have-its-mysteries by or-chausha Artlist

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