Water and Color

Water and Color is a 3D moving image artwork by Liao Yibai. Exploring three-dimensional spaces, Yibai delivers a narrative throughout the collection, speculating about the connection between human and machine, and physical and virtual reality.

"I'm assuming how did the first drop of water in space come, was it clear or coloured when it first came out?

How is water carried on different planets and travels through space? It seems to have nothing to do with spirit, nothing to do with human nature, nothing to do with intelligence, just function.

This material carries too many functions and missions, transmits life and travels light-years.

I believe in super-intelligent programming that carries data in water, regenerates, and never dissipates.

What we drink is not just a cup of ice water to quench our thirst, but a mass of data and sensors that cycle as they travel. Along the way, after counting the changes in the human body and Earth every second of the day and night, the water circulates in a circle, and the server of the universal centre will have gathered all the data from everything that's going on on Earth.

I believe that oxygen and hydrogen atoms carry data with them. A much superior way of transmitting that data is being done on a daily basis.

I believe in a higher intelligence, they designed and directed everything about water and human beings and looking at the monitor every day and every night, what human beings do, they are vividly visible and monitored on a distant planet. There are keyboards and mice, and the program will be revised at any time, rewarding and punishing the good and evil of human beings.

It was water, who revealed the secret."-Liao Yibai

Music Credit: Fathom by Kyle Preston


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