Loredana Gasparotto

Brooklyn NY
Loredana Gasparotto was born and raised in Northern Italy by an aspiring nun who survived World War Two, and an anxious inventor with sharp British humor and love for Spaghetti Western cowboys movies. Around six years old Loredana fell in love with dance and theater and inspired by the choreographies of Béjart, and Mats Zec decided to pursue a degree in Performing Art and Musical Theater. However, like many immigrants, she fell in love with America by watching classic films like The Color Purple, Midnight Express, The Godfather and TV shows like The Nanny and Different Strokes. Growing up, she was never enamored with Fellini or Visconti, but with Pedro Almodovar’s odd, exotic, melodramatic and implausible stories and Jim Sheridan's politically charged and polemical cinema. Their unique and diametrical opposite styles inspired her to tell political and socially relevant stories where the characters resiliently embrace magic and fantasy to overcome their life struggles. Her two shorts Tainted and Hamartia are an example of this attempt. After she moved to New York, she began studying media arts and making short films. Then, drawing from her immigration story, she created Pentimento, a feature film about the surreal and nightmarish journey of a modern-day illegal immigrant in Brooklyn. The film which is now on Amazon Prime was selected in various festivals and has won the Best NYC feature Film Award at the NYIIFF.