Architectural installation by LIA in Graz as part of Klanglicht 2018

Architectural installation by LIA in Graz as part of Klanglicht 2018

For Klanglicht 2018, an annual festival of light and sound, LIA presents an audiovisual installation of her work Silver Ratio at the Künstlerhaus in Graz, Austria. Silver Ratio is an installation located in the foyer of the Künstlerhaus. The piece makes use of the foyer’s inner and outer rooms, explores the space and rhythm of the Künstlerhaus through code-generated sound and visuals.

“Playing with sound and light has been a continuous focal point at the Künstlerhaus as a hall for art and media. In addition to film, this interaction especially deals with video and sound art. The new spatially gripping, audio-visual installations of the video and network artist LIA illuminate the foyer of the Künstlerhaus into the outer room in order to create an impressive spatial experience in the inner room. This spectacular realisation constitutes the first of hopefully many exciting cooperations between Klanglicht and the Künstlerhaus.

— Sandro Droschl, Künstlerhaus – Hall for Art & Media

Silver Ratio is a multilayered exploration of material and space. The ‘building blocks’ of the project are code, which interacts with the bricks of the building as sound waves and light frequencies interact with the geometry of the space. Alongside the installation LIA has launched a digital edition on Sedition, which offers a further perspective on the project as it can be viewed on a hand held mobile device.

The Silver Ratio installation can be experienced at the Künstlerhaus as part of Klanglicht 2018, which runs from 28 to 30 April 2018. Klanglicht is a festival of light which will transform the city of Graz with 17 installations shown continuously each night from 8:30pm to 11pm. The programme includes work by Onionlab (pictured below), Philip Ross & Joep Le Blanc, Rombout Frieling and Teresa Mas amongs others. 

(AXIOMA by Onionlab)

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