Artists and Robots at the Grand Palais

Artists and Robots at the Grand Palais

A group exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris examines robotics and art. Artistes et Robots, which runs from 5 April to 9 July, thinks through the impact of non humans on concepts of space, time, creativity and agency. The curation of Laurence Bertrand Dorléac and Jérôme Neutres, and artworks by forty international artists, offer gateways into many digitally-landscaped worlds.

In today’s world, digital technologies are increasingly woven into human activities, with increasingly sophisticated robots shaping a vast array of fields from manufacture to microbiology to psychology. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change the way humans think and make basic decisions - this process has arguably already begun.

The artworks in Artistes et Robots are both a celebration of technological sophistication and a warning to visitors to be wary of becoming “simple slaves to performance”. Algorithms which endlessly generate visual output, immersive virtual experiences, and highly responsive interactive softwares are critically and creatively examined by artists including Miguel Chevalier, Pascal Haudressy, Memo Akten and Ryoji Ikeda.

At a time when the boundaries between digital and human structures is ever more indistinct, Artistes et Robots asks confrontational questions about the identity of beings today - who are today’s decision makers? Who are today’s artists? What is the distinction between an artist, an artwork and a robot? The exhibition also works through some of the fears people have of new technologies, and perhaps as a result can replace some of them with strategies for the future.


Artistes et Robots is at the Grand Palais, 3 Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris until 9 July.

Image: Extra Natural by Miguel Chevalier

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