Interview with Francesca Fini on 'A Dream in Stone'

Interview with Francesca Fini on 'A Dream in Stone'

Francesca Fini explains her latest project A Dream in Stone that is created during Fini's residency at one of the most fascinating castles in Italy, the Rocca Sinibalda Castle. The stunning new project turned the amazing Renaissance frescoes of the Medieval castle into a cutting-edge digital art collection. Watch the special video interview to learn more about the concept, the castle and the inspirations behind the project. A night in the castle will be gifted to everyone who purchases the full collection.

Above video is extracted from The Planet, Francesca Fini

Francesca Fini: "In this digital art collection, you’ll be visiting an alien planet. In this planet all the dreams, all the paintings, all the statues, all the poems of humanity have been collected and stored by an alien intelligence, turning this planet into a sort of museum of humanity. 

We could be in a time where our planet is not there anymore, where humanity is not there anymore or even in a time before humanity, before our planet. And these relics, these dreams, these paintings, these statues, these artworks from humanity have been wondering in deep space for a long time. When this alien intelligence found them floating among stars, among planets, among galaxies, they collected them and they stored them into this planet: the museum of humanity."

"In 'The Red Mask', I tell the myth of Proserpina, one of the most beautiful representations by Girolamo Muziano, standing out in the room of the Metamorphoses at the Rocca Sinibalda Castle. The young kidnapped Proserpina encloses in her mystery the sacred amazement of men at the alternation of the seasons, in the ferocious and relentless rhythm of nature that devours and renews itself.

Autumn and Spring, Winter and Summer, Old Age and Youth, Death and Life are sides of the same coin. In this video, the eternally spinning medal on which our lives hang, has the shape of a red mask, melting in front of us in a clot of red blood, soft and elastic like a cloth. A cloth that unravels, falls, bounces, and comes back. Everything is consumed and everything is reborn, in the eternal return which is the very essence of metamorphosis."

Above: The Red Mask, Francesca Fini

Visit the collection page and learn the inspiring stories behind each artwork.

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