Enter Through The Headset 4 at Gazelli Art House

Enter Through The Headset 4 at Gazelli Art House

Claudia Hart presents her work Alice: A Machine For Thinking as part of a group Virtual Reality exhibition at Gazelli Art House in London.

Enter Through The Headset 4 (ETTH4), which runs from 6 to 28 September, is the fourth annual group exhibition highlighting innovative artistic work with Virtual Reality software and hardware as medium. The works in the exhibition critically reflect on the significance of VR, which enables the creation of detailed interactive images into which the viewer is immersed via headset, for concepts of representation, embodiment, spatial navigation, boundary-making, ownership, fiction and reality. 

As with previous editions of ETTH, this year’s exhibition features artists who were previously residents of the gallery’s month-long online residency programme, which takes place within the online platform Gazelli.io. The artists exhibiting in ETTH4 are Hart, Michael Takeo Magruder, Gibson/Martelli and Ziv Schneider. Magruder and Gibson/Martelli have previously shown work at Gazelli; Hart and Schneider are exhibiting for the first time.

Hart’s exhibited work, Alice: A Machine For Thinking, is the third in a series of works by the artist inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Like the Lewis Caroll novel, the work flits between the real and the imaginary, creating uncanny between-spaces, neither waking nor dreaming. The work combines live improvised music and dance with 3D animation and VR spaces and avatars, creating layers of connected but disjointed spaces. Hart is interested in the ‘queering’ of space through mash-up and in reflecting philosophically on logic, consciousness and cultural norms through her work.

Gibson/Martelli, Drawing Levels

Artist duo Gibson/Martelli present Drawing Levels, which like Hart’s work incorporates dance, creating drawings from Quill software and the movement of dancer’s feet. The movement of bodies through space are transformed into structures which resemble at times neurons, at times tangled tumbleweed-like plants. 

Michael Takeo Magruder, Imaginary Cities

Michael Takeo Magruder creates a virtual city from an early map of New York using live data from the British Library, where the artist is in residence. The project, titled Imaginary Cities, is a vibrant virtual city in real time. 

Ziv Schneider, Watertight

Artist and designer Ziv Schneider presents Watertight, a series of miniature 3D printed portraits of single-occupancy homes, and their occupants, in New York. The portraits are capsules of city life; the intimacy of domestic settings sits in contrast to the cell-like repetition of living conditions. The project is a portrait of human ecology and urban living patterns in transition.


Top image: Claudia Hart, Alice: A Machine For Thinking

Enter Through The Headset 4 is at Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4NN from 6 to 28 September.

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