Enter Through The Headset 5

Enter Through The Headset 5

From 4 September to 3 October Gazelli Art House presented Enter Through The Headset 5, the fifth instalment of the dynamic new media art exhibition focusing on VR. The exhibition features works by Rebecca Allen, Jocelyn Anquetil, Brightblack, Claudia Hart, Michael Takeo Magruder with Drew Baker, Gibson/Martelli, Matterlurgy, Mbryonic with Xavier Sole, Iain Nicholls and Matteo Zamagni. 

The event celebrates the fifth anniversary of ETTH, the annual online exhibition organised by Gazelli to celebrate and expand innovation in VR art. This year’s instalment showcases work by emerging artists who recently participated in the Gazelli.io month-long online residency alongside work by previous Enter Through The Headset participants. 

The exhibition seeks to connect digital, virtual and physical worlds, and to extend our understanding of the worlds we can explore and create. The works on show collectively question the way we relate to natural and virtual environments, and explore ways of living that transcend boundaries between digital and physical, nature and technology.

Virtual reality technology offers artists new ways of creating sensory environments and narratives. It allows images to become sculptural, amplifies our attention, and transports us to a different kind of embodiment and interaction.⁠ - Gazelli Art House.

To visit the exhibition, audiences can choose a date and timeslot via Eventbrite, then arrive at Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, London W1S 4NN at that time. A limited number of exclusive evening tickets are also available for sale; each ticket admits two people for an evening visit with complementary drinks. A portion of the ticket sales will go to Doctors Without Borders. COVID-19 precautions will be taken throughout the exhibition and all equipment will be sanitised regularly.

24h Private View Is Live

New artwork Somewhere We Live In Little Loops - Special Edition by Guli Silberstein is available.

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