Interview with Laura Splan

Interview with Laura Splan

Working at the intersections of science, technology, and culture, Laura Splan is particularly interested in virtual representations of the biological world. One of her animations in the Unraveling series, is now on view at The Hidden Side of Lace, a group show that presents the different expressions of textiles in the contemporary arts, taking place at the Cultuurcentrum De Ververji Ronse, Belgium. Splan's Unraveling (Marine/Aquamarine/Skyblue) is the animation that is exhibited at the group show, as part of her series of intricate and lacey animations with molecular visualization software and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein models.

Laura Splan, Unraveling (Marine/Aquamarine/Skyblue)

We interviewed the interdisciplinary artist about her latest exhibition, her latest research interests and her inspirations in biotechnology. Watch the video to learn more about the making of Syndemic Sublime, Unraveling and her latest work in progress; Sticky Settings.

Syndemic Sublime (Cat, Alpaca, Human, SARS-CoV-2)

"(Referring to the Syndemic Sublime) I wanted to create an animation that was a visualization of sorts, of our collective pandemic experience in the US but it was also abstract enough that we can kind of project our own emotional and psychological states on to these animations." - Laura Splan

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