Introducing: Sofia Cianciulli

Introducing: Sofia Cianciulli

We recently launched a collection of three works, Digital Bodies, by Sofia Cianciulli and were delighted to introduce the artist to Sedition.

Based in Florence and New York, Cianciulli works between performance, video and interactive social media events. 

Her performances examine the politics of femininity and explore what it means to navigate identity and sexuality online and offline. She is interested in taking a critical look at how the media contributes to gender binaries, extracting and exalting ideas of the female body, femininity and female sexuality. Cianciulli looks at the performances involved in the construction of the female, and examines the performers involved - from individual female-identifying person to global social network.

A notable project has been Sophmetries, a reinterpretation of Yves Klein’s 1960 artwork Anthropometries, in which female naked bodies became human paintbrushes in a live performance painting. Cianciulli reimagines Klein’s seminal work through the lens of her own identity, deploying her own body as a paintbrush while reflecting on her identity and agency. As well as Klein, she is also influenced by the work of feminist body artists such as Orlan and Marina Abramović. “What differentiates Cianciulli from these iconic female artists is social media; spending most of her time on Instagram, she observes the patterns of the community she is a part of, using it to stay up to date with contemporary art trends.” - Trebuchet Magazine.

Cianciulli is currently exhibiting work as part of University of the Arts London’s Graduate Showcase. She has also recently shown work with The Art Sphere

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New artwork Somewhere We Live In Little Loops - Special Edition by Guli Silberstein is available.

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