Olivier Ratsi: Frame Perspective

Olivier Ratsi: Frame Perspective

A new light and sound installation by Olivier Ratsi is on display as part of Constellations 2019, the annual digital art festival in Metz, which runs from 20 June to 7 September. Frame Perspective is part of one of the festival’s art trails, Digital Stones, and takes place at the Maison de la Région.

Measuring 30m x 30m x 2.4m and featuring LED lights and 8 audio channels, Frame Perspective transforms a cavernous space at the Maison de la Région. On specific dates throughout the Constellations festival Ratsi has prepared a light programme in the space, accompanied by a sound composition played by Thomas Vaquié (see the festival programme for more details). 

Frame Perspective continues Ratsi’s interrogation of reality through the creation of exploratory and peripheral spaces. The installation’s repeating forms create new dimensions in the Maison de la Région, interrupting the lines of the architecture. Meanwhile the composition of interacting lights and sounds disrupts the sonic and visual textures of the space and resonates with the visitor on uncharted frequencies. The effect is to immerse the visitor into a fluctuating environment which connects digital technologies with physical spaces and raises questions about how reality is constructed and experienced in digital, physical and other realms.

Frame Perspective was commissioned by Grand Est Region and was curated by Nicolas D'Ascenzio. 


Frame Perspective is at Maison de la Région, Place Gabriel Hocquard F 57036 - Metz Cedex 01, FR during Constellations 2019, which runs from 20 June to 7 September 2019.