Matteo Zamagni: Crepuscolo

Matteo Zamagni: Crepuscolo

From 5 to 19 October Matteo Zamagni presents his first solo show in the UK in partnership with Anise Gallery and Laguna Arte prize. 

Crepuscolo features a body of work by Zamagni which constitutes a critique of hyper-development and materialistic tendencies and an examination of the impact of global capitalism on the Earth’s ecosystems and resources. 

The exhibition comes at a time when the climate crisis is becoming more acute and apparent, and when the impact of humans on Earth can no longer be reversed. The balance of resources and forces on the planet has been disrupted, and is no longer predictable. This instability brings with it a fear and uncertainty which needs to be discussed so that strategies to plan for it can be developed. 

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For the exhibition Zamagni presents his 2018 short film work Horror Vacui, shown as an ambitious immersive installation, alongside a new series of five 2.5x2.5 metre prints (four wall hung and one on the floor). Horror Vacui means ‘fear of empty space’; a reference to Buddhist approaches to the concept of emptiness and also to the art historical practice of filling an entire space with detail. A new iteration of the work will be released as digital editions on Sedition in tandem with the exhibition, which launches Anise Gallery’s second London space. An exclusive screening of Horror Vacui takes place during the exhibition. 

Zamagni was invited to exhibit at the new Anise Gallery space in South London after winning the 2019 Special Prize at Arte Laguna in Venice, which was sponsored by the gallery.


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Crepuscolo is at Anise Workshop, The Old Chapel, 27-33 Malham Road, London, SE23 1AH from 5 to 19 October 2019. The opening event is on 5 October from 18:00 to 21:00. To RSVP to the exhibition contact

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