Matteo Zamagni featured on Boiler Room

Matteo Zamagni featured on Boiler Room

Horror Vacui by Matteo Zamagni has recently been featured as part of Boiler Room’s 4:3 program.

The work investigates the relationship between human, natural and digital activity, as well as exploring the tension between order and chaos that has defined the evolution of both Earth and civilization.

Created using a combination of CGI technologies and recorded footage, satellite images and terrain scans, the work takes the viewer on a frenetic journey through the evolution of terrains. Geological and human activity transforms the terrain in waves, building layer-upon-layer into an audiovisual articulation of the anxiety caused by intensive global development. Neither entirely physical nor entirely digital, the terrains are also a commentary on the fact that in contemporary society, the physical and the digital are inseparably interwoven.

4:3 is Boiler Room’s exploratory platform for ground-breaking commissioned and curated underground film. Horror Vacui is presented as part of 4:3’s Short Film strand. Also recently featured on 4:3 are Lawrence Lek, whose work Europa, Mon Amour (2016 Brexit Version) is presented as part of a selection of works exploring heartbreak curated by Francesca Gavin, and Andrew Thomas Huang, whose music video for FKA Twigs’ Cellophane is featured in a selection of the best music videos of 2019 so far.

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