Miguel Chevalier: Oscillations 2020

Miguel Chevalier: Oscillations 2020

Miguel Chevalier recently presented a new digital installation at Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, USA. 

Oscillations 2020 is an audiovisual piece where generative visuals created by Chevalier respond to music by Michael Redolfi. The work continues Chevalier’s research into synaesthesia through experimental digital installations which create complex relationships between sound and image. Visitors are then immersed into these installations, bringing them into close proximity with multi-sensory relationships. 

Oscillations is described by Chevalier as a ‘generative virtual-reality’ project. To make the work, generative software produces waveforms in real time based on Redolfi’s music. The waveforms then influence the generation of infinitely varied landscapes which build a complex imaginary world around the sounds. The landscapes change from black and white to colour, solid to wireframe, curved to jagged, steep to flat. They frequently, but never explicitly, reference natural forms. The work extends Chevalier’s reputation as a creator of monumental installations which create spaces for reflection on the interaction of the physical and digital as well as the multisensory.

Oscillations 2020 was developed by Chevalier in response to work by Redolfi. Software is by Cyrille Henry and Antoine Villeret. Technical production is by Voxels Productions. The exhibition at Wood Street Galleries is curated by Murray Horne.


Oscillations 2020 was at Wood Street Galleries 601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, US.

All images are courtesy of Miguel Chevalier. The video is by Claude Mossessian).

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