New Species by Francisco Telleria

New Species by Francisco Telleria

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic practice? Could you describe your creative process, your preferred medium or style, and any notable themes or motifs in your work?

I've always described my creative process as a hybrid and interconnected method among my multidisciplinary profiles. This might be where my moniker, Six Living Hats, comes from—I wear many hats throughout my projects. My background is in advertising, where being a creative part of a team requires a multi-thinker approach and versatility in communicating concepts or ideas. I believe this mindset has developed a habit that keeps me focused on addressing an idea in multiple ways to make it easy and meaningful for most people to resonate with.

My content creation is primarily conceptual, focusing on issues that concern me or are part of the collective consciousness. I utilize 3D audiovisual elements within digitally altered environments and combine them with animation to visualize narratives that bring ideas to life in an artistically meaningful way.

Who / what is your main source of artistic inspiration? Could you name a particular artist or artwork that has had a significant impact on your work?

I am always on the lookout for artistic sources that stand out for their unique use of space. I recall a visit to the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2012 where I encountered Richard Wilson's 20:50, a waist-high reservoir of recycled sump oil installation. This work struck me as a true masterpiece in using space, light, and the manipulation of human senses.

Since then, I have continued to live and seek out new inspirations.

New Species (Black Powder Stain & The Oil Humphead)

Could you tell us a bit about your new collection on Sedition and the source of inspiration behind it? Could you describe the concept or theme behind the new collection and/or discuss any particular challenges or breakthroughs you experienced while creating it?

I live in Valencia, Spain, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea and provides an incredible blue palette. However, plastic pollution is a major threat, with the Valencian coast having three times more plastics than the Spanish average. According to a 2022 report by the Foundation Oceana, this has led to the Mediterranean being one of the seas with the highest concentration of microplastics, endangering 134 species, including whales and turtles.

This inspired me to make an artistic contribution to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our oceans. My new collection, New Species, is based on an ironic narrative where plastic waste takes over the natural ecosystem, replacing sea life with plastic bottles and abstract representations of a contaminated sea. This highlights the negative impact on biodiversity and the urgent need for collective action.

What makes you excited about the new developments in the art world? Could you discuss a particular art movement or technology that you find particularly exciting, or talk about any changes you've observed in the way art is produced, distributed, or consumed?

What excites me about the new developments in the art world is how technology is providing artists and content creators with spaces and platforms for independent voices. These platforms allow for greater flexibility in telling more personalized stories that are tailored to the artist's voice and essence, fostering an interest in exploring new and meaningful ideas. I believe people are more connected now and empathize with the reality that resonates with the world we live in.

Virtual productions are another rapidly evolving area in the art world that I find motivating. These productions not only offer technology specialists massive interoperability across various types of content creators but also demonstrate that they can be more environmentally sustainable than traditional productions.

Currently, technology is advancing towards a new interface where content is no longer limited to a 2D plane but exists within a three-dimensional space. As for how art will be produced, distributed, or consumed, I think NFTs—or perhaps an evolution of that concept—will play a significant role. It's clear that the digital domain will become an increasingly prominent part of our lives. However, while embracing these changes, we must not forget the real world, where there are countless wonderful things to experience and be part of, ensuring we don't lose sight of our origins.


What are you working on at the moment? Could you describe any specific projects or exhibitions you have planned, or discuss any new techniques or mediums you are experimenting with?

I am currently focused on continuing to develop recreated virtual spaces that respond to sounds and exploring how the perception of physical space affects our emotions. This is a crucial aspect of my work. I am always eager to collaborate in any creative field, idea, or project that incorporates animation or falls within the virtual production landscape. If I resonate with it, I'm on board.

At the moment, I am developing an upcoming action role-playing video game, which originated from a collection I created a year ago called Supersymmetry. As a result, my work is becoming increasingly interactive. Stay tuned for more.

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