Samadhi Collection by Ployz

Samadhi Collection by Ployz

Can you introduce yourself to Sedition’s Audience?

I am Ployz, a Berlin-based multimedia visual artist, focusing on digital art, particularly generative and audiovisual art.

My artistic journey comes from the realm of motion design, where I have gathered approximately 17 years of experience. However, I reached a point where I felt the urge to explore a fresh creative path while remaining within this field. It was crucial for me to engage in something enjoyable and genuinely captivating.

Being a passionate music listener, I eventually discovered my affinity for creating visual experiences that complement music. To pursue this passion, I delved into learning various software for VJing. Along this journey, I stumbled upon "Touchdesigner," a visual programming language, which fascinated me with its ability to generate beautiful real-time imagery. Ever since it has become my primary tool for visual creation, broadening my interest in interactive art and technology.

Currently, my artistic exploration revolves around the profound connection between art and technology, often drawing inspiration from the realms of music, science, and philosophy.

Can you please give us more ideas on your works launched on Sedition this time?

My first collection is titled Samadhi. The collection takes its name from the Sanskrit term that signifies "intense self-absorption" and represents a state of deep concentration, enlightenment, and pure blissful calm. Through this collection, my aim is to capture and convey the profound sense of tranquility and inner bliss typically experienced only through intense meditation.

Samadhi serves as a visual translation of the indescribable feelings of peace and serenity. Each artwork within the collection has been crafted to evoke a sense of profound tranquility. I would like to invite viewers to immerse themselves in a meditative experience. By intertwining elements of abstract forms and harmonious compositions, it is my sincere hope that these visual creations resonate with audiences, guiding them toward moments of inner peace, enlightenment, and self-reflection.

Many kaleidoscopic patterns are apparent in your works. Where does this fascinating imagery come from?

The presence of kaleidoscopic patterns in my works can be attributed to the influence of spirituality and meditation, which deeply inspire my artistic practice. My quest is to visualize a sense of balance and peacefulness through my creations. In this pursuit, I have discovered the kaleidoscope as a valuable visual tool.

The inherent symmetry and geometric patterns offered by the kaleidoscope resonate with the idea of balance I seek to convey. Through a generative process, each session yields a unique outcome, where even the smallest changes can create significant visual waves. This process has a remarkably soothing effect on me as an artist.

What led you to set up audio-visual, and real-time interaction practices? How are they connected to your motion graphic works?

As a self-taught artist with a background in motion graphics, I have always been driven to expand my skills and explore various software applications. My primary focus has been on uncovering their aesthetic potential, which naturally led me to delve into audio-visual and real-time interaction practices.

In recent years, I've been captivated by the realm of generative real-time art, prompting me to embark on a journey of self-learning. Witnessing my creations come to life and dynamically respond to sounds and music has been a truly rewarding experience.

One aspect of generative art that particularly intrigues me is the inherent beauty of randomness in the creation process. When I combine this process with music that deeply resonates with me, the result often ignites my creativity and sparks new ideas. It is these moments that fuel my passion as an artist.

I found your social media posts often quote words or dialogues from books, films, or philosophers. How do they inspire you?

Philosophy is a topic that deeply inspires me, not only in my artistic work but also in my everyday life. I find comfort and grounding in listening to talks and discussions by philosophers, almost as much as I enjoy music. It provides me with a sense of relaxation and inner calm.

In today's online world, where content vies for attention and can easily entangle and occupy our minds, it's crucial to be mindful of the messages we encounter. Often, we are unaware of whether these messages carry positive or negative implications.

On social media, I take pleasure in sharing good energy, provoking thoughtful reflections, or simply offering a moment of recess. While my presence may be a mere ripple in the vast ocean of social media, I am content knowing that I can provide a small break for someone’s mind. When I come across something that resonates with me, I feel compelled to share it, spreading positive thoughts and uplifting energy.

You are originally from Thailand and mentioned that your works are influenced by Eastern cultures and philosophies. Could you elaborate on this a bit more? Do you think living outside of your hometown has changed your relationship to it?

Coming from a Buddhist culture has deeply influenced and shaped my artistic perspective, serving as the foundation of my perception.

Living outside my hometown has been a fascinating journey, continuously expanding my understanding of life. Major different cultures and ways of thinking have greatly influenced my art. I strive to bridge traditional philosophical concepts with science and technology, creating a unique discourse that combines the best of both worlds and exploring new dimensions of artistic expression. Blending tradition with innovation, I aim to contribute to the dialogue between cultures through my art.

I would love to hear about your next projects or showcases you are working on!

I've recently completed several significant projects towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. One notable achievement was my involvement in the AI-Opera Chasing Waterfalls, which premiered in Dresden, Germany, and was featured at the renowned New Vision Arts Festival in Hong Kong. In this production, I contributed by creating live visuals and conducting 3D face scans of the audience, adding a unique element to the AI-driven storytelling.

Currently, I'm exploring various possibilities for future projects, although nothing is set in stone at the moment. I'm particularly excited about upcoming solo exhibitions and collaborations with talented artists.

Additionally, I'm delving into interactive art and real-time visual experiments, using different devices to push the boundaries of my creativity. Engaging in these endeavors is both a hobby and a means of expanding my artistic horizons. I love exploring new realms of expression. Through these creative pursuits, I strive to humbly challenge myself, connect with audiences, and push the boundaries of my artistry.

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