Sedition iOS and Art Stream update

Sedition iOS and Art Stream update

Throughout 2019 we’ve streamlined our platform, making our app navigation more intuitive and finding exciting ways to connect collectors with inspiring artworks. As of December 2019 we are excited to announce an overhaul of our Art Stream service and a series of important updates to our iOS app. Read on to learn more about the changes and updates.

What’s changed in the new iOS app release?

The major change with the new iOS app release is a redesign of Art Stream (see below). Otherwise, our focus was on a general overhaul of the app’s design and functionality. Based on feedback from artists and collectors and on analysis of the previous app version we have added new features to ensure a seamless and attractive browsing and artwork viewing experience. 

Art Stream Redesign

The most notable design change is also newly available via our other apps and via web browser; the new and improved Art Stream.

Art Stream is a subscription service which gives access to digital limited editions by renowned and emerging artists. From just $10 per month you can make multiple playlists from any artwork available on Sedition (apart from artworks that have sold out). In other words, you can now stream work by Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, Wang Qingsong, Refik Anadol, Claudia Hart and many more acclaimed artists. You can create playlists to suit a mood, to celebrate an occasion, to complement the interior design of your home or office, or to focus on a particular genre, medium or artist. 

Art Stream is available for $15 per month for a rolling subscription or $10 per month for an annual subscription.

How do I organise artworks in Art Stream?

To select artworks or rearrange their order, head to your Vault. Here you can also download your artworks for offline playback. To view the artworks you have currently selected or to view our pre-designed Curated collections, visit the Art Stream page. Alternatively,you can make playlists from the works you’ve added to your wishlist. We have also now integrated Art Stream further into artwork pages - under each artwork you will see an ‘Add to Playlist’ button. You can choose which playlist to add this work to.

How can I join Art Stream?

To join Art Stream head to or navigate to the Art Stream menu item in our homepage menu. Here you will be introduced to some of the works and Curated collections available. You will also be invited to subscribe; this involves filling out a short payment details form. 

Once you’ve joined, head to your Vault to view and arrange your Art Stream works. You can also put aside works for future playlists when on the move - simply add any work you’re browsing on Sedition to your wishlist at any time, ready to arrange in your Vault later.