Worlding Worlds: MU Art Space

Worlding Worlds: MU Art Space

A new online exhibition at Netherlands art space MU features Flesh Nest, the film installation by Andrew Thomas Huang which can also be seen on Sedition

Online until 12 June, Worlding Worlds also includes work by Ainslee Alem Robson, Baum & Leahy, David OReilly, Ian Cheng, Joanie Lemercier, Kordae Jatafa Henry, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley,  Liam Young, Mehraneh Atashi, Stéphane Borel, Soft Bodies (Paula Strunden & John Cruwys) and Viviane Komati. The exhibition is curated by Angelique Spaninks.

Eye of the Dream by David OReilly

Host by Amanda Baum and Rose Leahy

Earth Mother, Sky Father by Kordea Jatafa Henry

Worlding Worlds invites the visitor to explore virtual alternative worlds created by artists. The works are in part presented as a respite from the Coronavirus pandemic - a chance to get lost in realities far removed from our own - and in part an invitation to think critically, in a buoyant and exploratory way, about the dominant views and structures that underpin our society. 

The worlds on display are “queer, utopian, dystopian, germinating, irreconcilable” (MU), complex and well-realised. They suggest to the viewer that there are different ways of organising the present, and that, with the rise of artificial intelligence and other computational technologies, we possess tools with which to potentially re-organise.