Passionate as a man he had been alive in 1936 or a year rather kodac da! It is at this time that he suggested tactfully to be the photographer of his emotions. He decomposed a loop phrase "Photography is so rigorously faithful to the optical reality that threatens to destroy the design that everyone is beauty." Madness! So after a long analysis, he decided to cut, paste and superimpose his visions to serve what would be a revolution: The digital collage became, with very foot in front and behind a box. XIX July 2001, Marc began the odyssey of Doulat look modeled forgiveness of images zoom ages, offering its negative, BE positive on [Touch] black and white screen as a photograph ... Exibition galerie TACT 2013-2014 permanent artist galerie polaYou 2009-2012 permanent artist Paris Photo OFF 2011 Impossible Project 2010