An examination of contemporary life in Western culture shows how completely our world has been influenced by digital technology and the World Wide Web. The Internet and digital technology have moved from the periphery to the forefront of human interaction, and continue to become ever more entrenched in our daily lives. Mark Dorf is interested in the ways in which we have become dependent upon this technology; to what extent we rely upon the digital realm to navigate our lives, and how this reliance affects our perception of the world around us socially, emotionally, and physically. It is no longer about logging on or off, but rather living within and in harmony with the realms and constructs of the digital world for our newest generation of inhabitants.

For Sedition, Dorf presents two limited editions from his //_PATH series composed of photography and moving images. In //_PATH the artist explores these ideas through digital photography, collage, 3D rendering, and primitive 3D scanning technology. Dorf uses strict geometric and synthetic forms to contrast against the natural landscape against which they are viewed; a comparison of visual language. In Dorf’s view, the natural landscape can be seen as the most ancient of symbolic languages - the original set of symbols that birthed all of modern language; nature is the master text. Using this juxtaposition of landscape and contemporary digital language, Dorf explores the ongoing capture and digitisation of our environment through the use of pure colour and the native tools of contemporary digital imaging that are used to create meaning and manipulation in mass media.

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