Variation – ArtJaws Media Art Fair

Paris, France

Produced by Anne-Cécile Worms, Variation – ArtJaws Media Art Fair is dedicated to digital art practices of contemporary art. These practices emerged with the democratization of computers and networks as digital technology has become intertwined with practices of art such as photography, video, installation, and sculpture. Variation is a fair that deals with artists or their gallery owners, agents or producers and aims to propel artists from emerging practices into the contemporary art market.

Variation - Media Art Fair is where collectors, heads of museum institutions, artists and gallery owners, art critics, and the general public come together to meet. Guided by mediators Variation facilitates the the discovery of new works by the world of art by creating a platform for artists. In 2017, the fair took place at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris from 15-25 November with a showcase of works from Sedition.