Mark Golding

Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Bridging the Realm

Mark Golding created this artwork during late Spring 2018 after completing a year long yoga retreat in Spain.

The realms of being, heaven and existence have been described by the mystics and seers of each aeon, and during a dream, the concept of a bridging of the realms became a temporary reality.

Great Masters have served and guided the seekers of truth and wisdom, and Buddha is widely considered as a Master of Wisdom, who has shared the Path to Enlightenment.

To traverse the realms of being, and unify the collective consciousness within the Heart of Wisdom and Compassion is becoming an urgent need for mankind, and this artwork was created to serve as a node of attraction for the collective.

As a meditative work, the energetic transmission is intended to stimulate an inner conversation with the viewer, to ripen the karma of the world, and initiate the highest potentials within all living beings.

Seeking union, the cessation of duality, an integrative expression of the use of psychedelic medicines, shamanic practices and sacred geometry birthed this artwork.


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