Marko Echeverria

Paris , France
Marko Echeverria is a chilean visual artist, lives and works in Paris. He was born in 1966 in Santiago. He is best known for his monumental multimedia installations. Since 1997, Marko has been president of the cultural association of the Oblik Studio’s contemporary art collective. Since 2000, he has been teaching arts and crafts in arts school around Paris. He also creates and runs sociocultural arts and crafts activities in several communes. It is in his digital drawings that Marko best demonstrates his creative processes; coming from his imagination and sensitivity, each drawing is built image by image. Through construction, alteration and deconstruction, the image moves gradually and almost imperceptibly from one emotion to another. Changing images are projected onto the outside of a sculpture, transforming an ordinary character into an animated figure. Since 2010, it is the gallery Univer / Colette Colla who represents him in Paris. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, such as : « Paysages Passagers » (Passing Scenery) for the parisian metro Ratp (command) « Nuit Blanche » (Sleepless Night) - Clichy, Paris « La Rosa » (The rose) - Île de France festival, Paris « Emouvantes Pyrotechnies » (Moving Pyrotechnics) - Galerie Univer/Colette Colla, Paris « Résidence Oblik » - Art center Pavillon Vendôme , Clichy , Paris « Le Visage qui s’efface » (The Face that Fades) Toulon, France « La Promesse d’une Ville » (The Promise of a Town) - Galerie Univer