Markos R. Kay is a digital artist, director and lecturer with a focus on art and science. He is best known for his video art experiment aDiatomea (2008), exhibited at Ernst Haeckel's Phyletic Museum, and for the generative short The Flow (2011), which can be seen in an episode of the TV series, Breaking Bad. His art and design practice ranges from screen-based media to projection and print. Kay’s work can be described as a series of experiments using generative methods which explore and abstract the complex worlds of molecular biology and particle physics.

Kay studied Communication Design at University of the Creative Arts, and at Central St. Martins, London before completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Art & Design at University of the Arts London. He has exhibited and screened internationally including at Polymers and Art, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, US; Spectrum Exhibition, Abu Dhabi, AE; Bio-Art Exhibition, Bordeaux, FR; Ars Electronica, Linz, AU; Krakow Film Festival, Krakow, PO; and SONAR, Barcelona, ES.


2017 Polymers & Art Louisiana Art & Science Museum, US
2017 Digital Decade 5 Ugly Duck, London, UK
2016 Bio-Art Bordeaux, FR
2016 Spectrum Abu Dhabi, AE
2013 Urban Art Meets Local Heroes Munich, DE
2012 Refraction Kopparberg Unestablishment, London, GB
2010 Fly vs Viruses Wallace Space, London, GB
2009 aDiatomea Phyletic Museum, Berlin, DE