He was a longlisted for the 2017 Solo Award and shortlisted artist for the GM Art Prize 2016, comissioned artist for Fountain 17 as part of Hull Capital of Culture 2017, Open Submission Winner for the 2013 Emergency Arts festival, long-listed for the Open 100 proposals for Artangel’s ‘OPEN’ 2013 and the Open Submission Winner for the 2008 Whitstable Biennale. “As a conceptually-driven artist I present propositional works that are process-led, multi-part and interdisciplinary. I employ a dynamic that is playfully intuitive yet critically engaged. I tend to formulate an informed yet poetic dialogue between the works content/thematic, the modes of its production & medium/material with its potential reading. “The historical weight of the materials, methods and collaborators used in the production of my artworks are implicit and integral to its concept. “For the last few years I’ve been focused on an exploration of the seminal artwork 'Fountain, 1917-1964' and its 'questionable' relevance now. Though building upon this - I've returned to my fascination with alter-ego's in general and in particular my past/retired alter-ego 'Robin Nature-Bold'. “So, therefore a reflective period has begun on 'Nature-Bold' as a living portrait/modern day Tom Rake “An increasing trait in my work sees us continually plundering ‘arts’ constructed histories/mythology – whilst being drawn to the quirks, the esoteric, and the mania of the process." Mike Chavez-Dawson, Rogue Artists’ Studios, 03/2019