Fly vs Viruses

Fly vs. Viruses is a video work that is part of the Insect Traps series which explores the digital intersections of organic molecules and biological organisms. In the series, virtual insects are injected in closed simulated environments where they fight for their lives against larger than life biomolecular structures. Canted angles and aggressive, conflicting subjects reveal a fundamental tension that is essential to the ecology of these closed environments; such environments are also a key component in incubating and accelerating tension. The binding processes of proteins, the process of viral infection and an insect's ability to scavenge and recycle biological materials all unfold within the confined space, illustrating both the individual creature’s fight to survive and the necessity of a mutualistic relationship with other organisms as part of that survival.

Print iterations of Fly vs. Viruses were exhibited at Wallace Space gallery in London 2010. The video was presented inside a mirror box as part of an installation at the Refraction exhibition at the Kopparberg Unestablishment London in 2012. The video work is presented for the first time in its entirety exclusively on Sedition.


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