Multidisciplinary London-based artists Mary Osinibi (b.1983) works with acrylic paints, photography, ink sketches, digital and video. She experiments by combining different mediums and challenging the way we perceive traditional fine art and digital art. A harmony of conflicting states is one of many interpretation of Mary Osinibi's art and techniques; her signature style of paintings built up from multiple layers of applied acrylic paints with a wide variety of hues and shades merged with digital; the combination of mediums that evokes the notion that not everything is as it appears; it underlines a sense of tension between polar opposites such as past to present, right and wrong. In her own words “Art has the power to enrich lives and alter attitudes; it is capable of engaging and encouraging the human spirit”. Mary Osinibi wants her audiences to be awakened, revitalized, provoked to consider the changes they can make to benefit themselves individually and the wider society. Mary Osinibi was born in Nigeria and came to England at the age of eight. She discovered her interest in fine art and digital art while studying at 'The University of the Arts London (UAL)' and 'The University of the Creative Arts'. She is currently working on a special exhibition taking place on Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at Debut Contemporary gallery in Notting Hill, London, curated by established British artist Barry Martin on the theme 'Human Suffering at Times of Crisis'.