Bright Eyes - Series 2

Mary Osinibi’s contemporary digital design combines digital art with traditional painting and challenges the way we perceive reality. She fuses the two forms to illustrate the two conflicting states, reality and illusion, and brings them into harmony making them appear as one essentially creating a new ‘one’ or a new identity.

Bright Eyes, 2014, addresses the theme of beauty in the eye of the beholder and the holder and that it is through the eyes that one catches a glimpse of the human spirit and the beautiful mysteries contained therein. Osinibi’s vision of the eyes also contains the unexplored depths of the human condition and the transcendent spirit of man which is eternal and unaffected by time.

Osinibi’s portraits are characterised by her deliberate use of greens, yellows and reds, in various hues and shades. The idea is to emphases how irrelevant skin colour is in defining beauty - and focue on the eyes of her model. This enables the eyes to be the focal point of her portraiture speaking louder and thus the beauty within is magnified, through the eyes, for all to see.


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