My name is Matt Johnston and I am a Canadian Architect whose passion for all things design related has influenced a personal desire for creativity that includes mixed media abstraction. Inspired by the interactions of colour and space in both physical and digital environments, I am constantly exploring ways to weave the interactive elements of art and architecture that I hope will inspire emotional responses. Every piece of my work is original without any additional collaborative influence. I have developed a design philosophy that is grounded in my experience that includes time spent at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. My artistic tendencies are often driven by building design in conjunction with a love for fine arts. as part of creative process that influences each and every piece of artwork that I create. The concern regarding authentication of original digital artwork has been solved as a result of more recent blockchain based solutions, and the comfort created by these solutions makes this an ideal time to become part of the growing movement toward digital based art. I have been loving the digital tools available today to compliment other forms of mixed media resulting in new and developing techniques to create original artwork. I am also excited at the possibilities that the evolving digital marketplace offers and I look forward to being part of a growing community that is redefining all aspects of original artwork.